atticd CLI

The following are the help messages that will be printed when you invoke any sub-command with --help:


Nix binary cache server Usage: atticd [OPTIONS] Options: -f, --config <CONFIG> Path to the config file -l, --listen <LISTEN> Socket address to listen on. This overrides `listen` in the config. --mode <MODE> Mode to run [default: monolithic] Possible values: - monolithic: Run all components - api-server: Run the API server - garbage-collector: Run the garbage collector periodically - db-migrations: Run the database migrations then exit - garbage-collector-once: Run garbage collection then exit - check-config: Check the configuration then exit --tokio-console Whether to enable tokio-console. The console server will listen on its default port. -h, --help Print help (see a summary with '-h') -V, --version Print version